Short stories in English

Short stories in English

Short Stories in English

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The best stories in English:

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Stories in English

The Best Moral Short Stories in English:

Story 1:   Judgemental

Once there lived two sisters and one brother. Eldest sibling of the family was 10 years old named as Eva, her younger sister was 7 years old named as Seiva and her younger brother was 5 years old named as Kevein. Their parents we as they were suffering from disease, as they were poor they were poor they couldn’t afford of the they died. As their parents were dead, Eva has to look after her family. So, she decided to send her brother and sister to school and look after them in a well manner. So, she started to work in nearby fields. But there was a rule that landlords will provide only single plate of food in which two should share. But Eva was not doing like that. As soon as she used to get food she used to walk away from that place. Everyone there concluded that she is selfish and she is not good. But one man among them followed her one day, he saw that she was giving that food to her siblings. He came back to his people and told them that we misjudged her, she was taking that food to her siblings and she was not selfish.

Conclusion: It is very easy to judge others by their activities but we it is difficult understand the reason behind their activities. So, we should not judge people easily.

Moral: Don’t be judgmental.    -Short stories in English


The Best Moral Short stories in English:

Story 2: Intelligence 

Once there lived a businessman he was having three sons. As business man was growing old he wanted handover his responsibilities to one of his. So, he was confused that to whom he should assign his responsibilities, so he decided to give a task to all the three. So, he assigned a task to all the three that, they have to sell the combs to the Buddhist monks. First son told that he has told that he has sold 10 combs and second son told that he has sold 100 combs but third son told that he dint sale single comb and he told the same. His father assigned his responsibilities to the third son because first and second lied and third told the truth, because monks do not have hairs to comb so he gave his position to his third son.

Moral: Work can be done by anyone but it should be done in a loyal and truthful manner. -Short stories in English


The Best Moral Short stories in English:

Story 3:  Selfdependence

Once three kids were playing in a field. When they were playing in the field they heard a noise from the distinct distance and walked towards that place and there was a tree. As soon as they reached, they heard voice saying that take me out from this place I will give you whatever you want. So, the kids digged near and they saw a lamp in there. As soon as they took that out it asked them what you need? First kid asked that, in my school they will give so much of work so do all my works. Second kid asked that, there are many people who are very poor so give them sufficient money. Third kid said that, god has given us hands and blessed us with a good health so we will do our own works you leave this place. As soon as the third kid said like that, the lamp has disappeared.

Moral: we should not depend on others and we should do our works by our own. -Short stories in English


The Best Moral Short stories in English:

Story 4:  Everything is possible

There was man with a government job and living happily with his family. But he was having only having wish that he should educate his son in English medium school but there were no English medium school in his place. After some days he got transferred to some city there he got some english school and he joined his son to that school. In school his son was always sitting in the last bench and he was hiding from everyone because he was not knowing English to communicate with his friends and teachers. After some two to three days teacher noticed that guy and asked him to on the dais and he went. Teacher asked him some spellings and he was unable to say those spellings and he was not able communicate with her in English so everyone in the classroom so teacher asked everyone to stop laughing and scolded them. Next day onwards he started to sit in first bench and he learnt english so well. At the end of the semester he was the best student to speak and write english very well.

Moral: Everything is possible, nothing is impossible. -Short stories in English


The Best Moral Short stories in English:

Story 5: Limits

There were two friends in a village named Vikram and Vittal. Vittal was having girl child, Maithili and Vikram was boy child, Varun. As vittal was having girl child he was very confused about her marriage from her birth. So, Vikram told him that let our friendship turn into to relation means marrying his son with vittal daughter. So they both agreed for it. As Maithili was the only daughter he pampered her a lot and then became so lazy and grew very fat. After some days as they decided varun and Maithili got married. once her mother in law asked her a coffee, she prepared it but her walking was very slow by seeing tat she was shocked. To make her active she made an idea. She told Maithili that according to our family ritual,you have to go to round the temple everyday(prdakshin) for 6 months. So as her mother in law told she was doing it everyday. Within 6 months she became very thin and started do works very vastly and she was enjoying her work.

Moral: There will be limit,if we go beyond the limit it will spoil is. -Short stories in English


The Best Moral Short stories in English:

Story 6: Be good do good

Once there lived a king and he was having two daughters. Eldest daughter was named as Sony. She was very good and kind hearted, everyone in the palace used to like her whereas youngest daughter was named as Sanvi. She was little rude and arrogant and was little raged too. Sony used to treat all the workers in the palace very politely. Sanvi used to treat all workers very badly and she always used to shout at them. One day one of the worker’s daughter came to Sony and gave her a sweet as it was her birthday. She took it and she gave her some present too. That girl went even too Sanvi she refused and told her that what is your standard and to whom you are giving these sweets. That girl felt bad and went from there. One day that girl was in Sanvi room and she was cleaning her room. She saw a snake coming towards Sanvi when it was about to bit her, that girl pushed her and she got bit from that snake and died. Sanvi was feeling very bad for what she has done for her in previous and was unable to forgive herself. So, her elder sister came and told her that, you need not to feel guilty if you follow my instructions. She told her that if you will change yourself and if you will be polite with others you can be free from this. As her sister told she followed her instructions and she started to behave very politely with everyone irrespective of their post.

Moral: We should value each and every person irrespective of their post. -Short stories in English


The Best Moral Short stories in English:

Story 7: Blessings

In a village a woman lived with her three sons. As she grew old she started suffering from illness. First two sons refused to take care of her and the youngest son was very poor, still youngest son accepted to take care of her. As though his business was running in loss, he managed money to heal his mother illness. After she was healed, she noticed that he was in trouble of money. So, she decided to help him, as she was old and she cannot work and hard her youngest son was in trouble, she started to beg in order to help her son. While she was begging one man asked her what happened, at this age why are you begging. She told him everything and he gave his visiting card to her and asked her son to come to his office. He went to his office and got a very good post in the office and he started to earn more than his brothers. His brothers were shocked to see him like that.

Moral: When parents and their blessings are with us nothing seems like a problem because they will be always with us to help us irrespective of their age -Short stories in English



The Best Moral Short stories in English:

Story 8: Truthfulness

Once there live a son and mother. She married her son with a girl in the village. That girl used to listen to her mother in law, used to be very good with her. After some days he went to city for doing job. As soon as he went that girl behavior towards her mother-in-law was changed completely. She was not even serving food to her. So mother-in-law thought to teach her lesson. So she said her that she is going to visit pilgrim with her sister. After few days her sister came to that girl and told her that her mother-in-law died . She enacted in front of others that she is crying but she was very happy. After that she was very happy with her husband . Few days mother-in-law started to frighten her everyday. So, she called her husband and told him that she is seeing his mother as a ghost. Later his mother only showed up herself to his son and asked her daughter-in-law to confess all the mistakes she has done. She confessed all the mistakes. Her husband asked her not to show her face until she turns good.

Moral: You cannot mask yourself for long time. One or the other day truth comes out. -Short stories in English


The Best Moral Short stories in English

Story 9: Loyalty

Once there lived a husband and wife his name was Subbu. He used to graze the cows and used to get milk from the cows. He collected that milk from the cow and started to sell that. After selling the milk the remaining milk he used to bring it back and convert it into curd and sell it. The milk which he used to sell was pure milk there was no mixing of water into it. After some days the cows were died and he was not able to sell the milk. So her wife told him that we will buy milk from dairy and we will sell it but everyday so much of milk used to be remained. So they decided to make that milk as butter milk and started to sell near the factories. He sold all the butter milk within the expected time and he earned so much of profit. By that he started his own business.

Moral: Loyalty brings everything automatically to us. -Short stories in English


The Best Moral Short stories in English

Story 10: Togetherness

Once there liver a king and he went out with his queen. At that time they both heard conversation of a couple who was very poor. They both were speaking about their helpless towards their development of home. After listening to their conversations queen decided to stay in that poor mans house. So king called that couple queen will stay along with poor man for three months and poor lady will stay back in the palace. Poor couple agreed for it. Queen and poor man went to their home and poor lady stayed back in the palace. As soon as she reached his home she started to clean the house because it was very untidy. She told him that you should earn if you earn less also no problem but make sure that you will earn some in a day. He did as she told. After three months poor man home has become new home and he was able to buy a plot too. But that lady was misusing all the Queen’s jewelries. So queen showed her that anything that happens in home is because of woman we should know to manage home. Husband and wife sit together and they should plan together then home will be fulfilled with satisfaction and happiness. Moral: Woman will be responsible for all good and bad that happens to home so she should be well aware of it.

Moral:Unity in diversity. -Short stories in English

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